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April 9, 2013
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Name:  Ashley Purdy

Other Name/s:
“Ashie” (Nickname)
“The Deviant” (Commander)

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Species: Leech (Vampire with human lifespan and can survive on any food source)

Magickal / Abnormal Abilities: Allure, Telepsychosis, Impervious to all types of attack (but can be tattooed as it does not count as attack) and heightened senses.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Spirituality / Religious Outlooks: Non-religious, but believes in effeminate domination and female elitism. Any woman that is in the Rebel ranks is treated with uttermost respect and if they want anything, Ashley will go out of his way to make them happy.

State of Sanity: Sane, but emotionally devoted.

Style of Dress: Style of the Rebels.

                                         .: BIO:.

Ashley was raised by a mortal mother and a Vampire father. Despite the Matriarch being the Khaos Ensued, his vampire father was immortal and indestructible, managing to shelter Ashley from the Matriarch. Unfortunately, his mother was taken by The Matriarch and made a Shadow Bride. Ashley never forgave F.E.A.R for the loss of his mother and was raised by his father until old enough to leave home. His father supported the rebel movement all the way, and even issued the original fight against the Matriarch. It was in this act of defiance Ashley met Jake and Andy, and the three became instant friends. Ashley’s father was captured by F.E.A.R and locked in a supernatural chamber, spurring Andy, Ashley and Jake to take the revolution Ashley’s father had started, and put it into their hands to avenge the taken.

Women are the centre of the universe and each and every one should be worshipped. He also believes that love is the strongest bond in the world, and that Andy’s irrational outlook on love is that of a psycho. He sees F.E.A.R as an evil entity that should be taken out from the top and work down, despite knowing The Matriarch to be the ultimate symbol of female elitism.

His own mortality rating, his father’s safety and that he will never be loved by a woman fully enough, namingly, rejection from Eve.

Member of:
Khaos Bloodlines (Genetically Vampire)
The Wild Ones


Special Genetic Heritage Features:
Teeth –
Despite being more human than vampire, his status as Leech (or Semi-Vampire) still means he has relatively longer, sharper incisors.

Eyes: Amber brown, going gold towards the centre. He also has an almost-black line encircling his iris.

Hair: Raven black, dropping halfway down his back. Rarely wears it in a ponytail or plait.

Skin: From his mother’s side, he has a Latino tan. It hardens and pales if attacked, turning out into his vampire skin (which is near enough rock).

Lobe (Both Ears) – Usually fake plugs;  one set of hoops.

“OUTLAW” - (stomach, curling over navel)
Sleeves (Both Arms)
“FIDELITY” [NEW] (lower fingers, interlocking on both hands)
BVB band tattoo (Left lower underarm)

Scars: NONE – He is impervious to weapons.

Usual Outfit: He would prefer to walk around in his birthday suit, but he is made to wear clothing. He keeps it minimal – Black leather pants and a studded leather jacket ripped off at the elbow. Adding to this, he will wear a lot of studded accessories, including 3 stacked studded belts of different variation of spikes and studs, bracelets with sharpened studs and a pair of studded leatherette gloves.

Other Outfits:
#1 – Master of Disguise

This disguise is that of a Shadow Child, wearing the grey Shadow Child robe over his clothing. He also wears the muzzle, but discards of it after half an hour due to “discomfort”.
Aaand here's The Deviant!!
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